Agile Entrepreneurship

Agile Entrepreneurship is a style involving an agile mindset that stirs one to ideate & innovate, adapt and rise above any difficult situation, fosters learning, communicates & collaborates with influence, thinks & work strategically, values people & build culture.

Research suggests 80% Mindset and 20% Skills contribute to our Business Successes.

Research also suggests out of 90% of the startups, only 9 out of 10 survive.

  • So, why do some businesses fail?

    • Lack of vision, mission, goal setting process.

    • Unwillingness to learn new skills & think outside the box.

    • Scattered focus & lack of commitment.

    • Absence of the right mentorship.

    • Deficient creativity & innovation.

    • Rigidity of thought.

    • Lack of right domain knowledge.

    • Reckless Financial Management.

So here are 5 questions that will transform your life.

  • Do you want to scale up your business by five times the current and take it to newer heights, but find yourself stuck with no proper guidance?

  • Do you feel unprepared for this challenging adventure in the fast era?

  • Do you think that, just like emotional intelligence & artificial Intelligence, Entrepreneur Intelligence is what makes Business Successful?

  • Have you given up on becoming multi-millionaire CEO?

  • Are you ready to take that daring next step towards massive success?

  • Would you like to know the Entrepreneur Success Code?

When I started my venture four years back after parting with an Oil and Gas Consulting firm, I found myself struggling to set up with no proper guidance and support to establish and upscale my business. Every step towards my success was by trial and error. However, after a lot of R&D, one fine day, I realized that“it was all about your inner game”. I realized that to change the “Outer game” one needs to develop the 9 commonly recognizedInside-out Strategic Intelligence in order to become “30 something magnificent entrepreneur”.

  • Linguistic Intelligence

  • Social Intelligence

  • Self-Intelligence

  • Logical Intelligence

  • Nature Intelligence

  • Visual Intelligence

  • Body Intelligence

  • Music Intelligence

  • Emotional Intelligence

With proper training and conditioning, it is possible to develop all these above intelligences, therefore leading to the ultimate state of self-realization in life.

Entrepreneurship can change the way we live and work. Hence the most important part is to understand how to start investing time on ourselves and how we can bring out the entrepreneur within us.

Agile Entrepreneurship specializes in developing Mental& business intelligence in any given set of conditions & time and at a desired pace.

  • Experienced entrepreneur who wants to upscale the business from its current state.

  • Wantrepreneur, or someone who wants to step into the entrepreneurial territory

  • A new entrepreneurwho has just setup business.

Incorporated in 2013 Sept, Innovix is dedicated to upscale and promote Business Growth to businesses and working professionals. Innovix has conducted several coaching & mentoring programs for the Senior Management and Business Owners for various industries. We also have a pool of experts with over 20 + years of industry experience of training & solving business challenges on digital, financial and operational levels.

Innovix facilitates a conceptual and research-based learning experience and innovatively designed workshops which foster

  • Personal transformation

  • Self-awareness

  • Confidence boost, and

  • Unshakable self-belief, leading to become a high-potential leader.

With an MBA in Human Resource Management and experience in diverse industries, Sheetal Jotwani has over 15+ years of experience in Behavioral & NLP Training, Executive Coaching,Talent Acquisition& Performance Management. She has transformed over 10,000 + Professionals. She is a certified Trainer for Master Practitioner in NLP, LEAF - Facilitation Skills and ICHARS- Hypnotherapy.

Sheetal has been recognized for creating stimulating and interactive learning environments, encouraging participation and individual creativity. A story teller by heart, she is highly enthusiastic & go-getter and is known for her high energy levels and contagious positive attitude.

Her Research about Entrepreneurship:

Sheetal has been involved in a lot of research related to Successful Entrepreneurship through Books, Interviews with Leaders and attending various events about Entrepreneurship. She has decoded the inner game where values, beliefs & emotions yield powerful influences to make her outer world stronger & brighter. She has expanded her revenue by five times in the last 2 years.

She is on a journey to transform 100 Startups to Grow up and become leading brands through her breakthrough Training, Coaching, and Consulting in next five years. And, with this intention, she has curated a Program on Agile Entrepreneurship.

For any business to be successful, there are two important contributing factors:

  • Mental Agility

  • Business Agility

During the five days of intense sessions, we will first cover both aspects in specific.The entire program would lead you to a very profound discoveries about yourself. The effects of self-discovery includes happiness, fulfillment, clarity and enlightenment!

A Journey to Inner-Self is Mastery to Self!

This course will open the doors of self-awareness and self-presence within you and explode the world of possibilities in your future.

  • Goal Setting & achieving

  • Achieving breakthrough performance in Business

  • Skills, Values, Beliefs & Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

  • Innovation & Thinking out-of-box

  • Mental Strategies for People Management & Marketing.

  • Influential Language pattern for Instant Connect.

  • How to turn Obstacles into opportunity.

  • Effective Business Models

  • Cultivate a meaningful network.

  • Entrepreneurial experiences, 20 Success Stories & Case studies.

  • Increased emotional intelligence.

  • Boost in the Motivation & Energy levels.

  • Social Media presence & Image Management

Your Benefits:

  • The Secrets to Success Mindset.

  • Discover your true hidden potential by uncovering your own way of thinking.

  • Create a powerful social presence & influence and inspire people to be a part of your vision.

  • Uncover the ability to design your own strategies to boost your business performance.

  • Adapt new behaviors to achieve success harmoniously.

  • Learn to change your habits and manage your internal state of mind like anger, frustration, and sadness to avoid influencing your business negatively.

  • Recognize the best business opportunities for the type of person you are – Intellectually, Socially and, even Spiritually.

  • Elicit strategies to increase your creativity & problem solving and using it to your benefit.

  • Create flexibility in thoughts & behavior to overcome any challenges and achieve your desired goals.

  • Identify & learn how to play with your strengths.

  • Improve your confidence and enhance credibility.

Oprah Winfrey, one of the richest self-made women in the world, following an illustrious career in television. She practices the Growth Mindset. Her positive outlook to life has impacted several lives during her stint on television and even after that through her charity projects on the global platform.

As a kid growing in South Africa, Elon Musk was bullied and beaten up all the time. He found his solace in reading and computer programming. This later helped him develop his first computer game, Blastar, which he sold to a magazine called PC and Office Magazine. Elon always believes that entrepreneurship is like a fun mind game, and to play this mind game, he will just gonna have to reinvest and move on to the next big thing.

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