Organizational Development

About us

OD is a process of continuous research & diagnosis, action planning, implementation and evaluation, with the goal of transferring knowledge and skills to organizations to improve their capabilities for problem solving, managing future change and improving performance.

At Innovix, Organization Development is:

  • To address priorities required in the organization, suggests a change-management plan, and then guides the organization through the necessary change.

  • Improves Processes of the Organization

  • Change Beliefs, Culture, attitude & overall Organizational Structure to meet the vision, missionand values of organization.

  • Focuses on improving the efficiency, effectiveness &motivation in organization by involving members of the Organization in understanding the challenge whilst enabling in them new skills, knowledge and ways of thinking.

Our Process:

  • Running a diagnostic to identify the quality standards and gaps.

  • Facilitate interventions, for change management

  • Implementation of new Process/Structure.

  • Training the taskforce for desired competence.

  • Review & feedback.

Sales Process

We at Innovix, help Organizations increase their turnover through our Sales Strategies, Techniques & Processes. We evolve Organizations to compete and win in a customer- empowered world.


  • Upscaling Business & taking your Sales to the next level.

  • To sensitize Organization between “selling” & “sharing”

  • Understand different types of Customers & their Psychology

  • Understand Sales Science

  • To develop the ability to identify consumer needs and focus on need-based selling

  • Tool Kit for Effective Closure

  • Improvise the Art of Influential Conversation

  • Elevate Negotiation skills

  • Become a trusted advisor for different customer types

  • Teach them Fundamentals of Selling

  • Energize & Empower Team

  • Learn to create a ‘memorable’ experience for Customers.

  • To identify the decision making unit (DMU) and to appeal to all the decision makers.

Our Process

  • Running a diagnostic of Pre Sales, Current Sales Process, Filed Sales assessment, Challenges faced by the Sales Team.

  • Training Delivery: Based on diagnostic, customization of Module Training shall be delivered.

  • Handholding: After training delivery hand holding for specific time period to help them implement the Tools & techniques learnt in the Training in the Real world.

  • Process Change: Rolling out the new processes & Sales Strategies to upscale.

  • Post Training review- Measuring Sales Performance of the Individual Employees and organization as whole, understanding whether the training objectives have been achieved


    • Increased Sales Turnover & Revenue

    • Building positive Business Image & Brand visibility in market

    • Skilled Taskforce & better productivity


    • Foster a sense of team spirit, team bonding and camaraderie within the organization

    • Helps in building positive culture and values in the organization.

    • Inculcates healthy, motivated, energetic environment.

    • Helps increasing team & Individual productivity.

    • Equal opportunities to all employees.


About us

Learning Management System

About us

At Innovix, Learning Management System is a platform that facilitates Learning designed for an employee with respect to his Job Profile, Key Responsible Areas and future Leadership/Succession Planning for that entire year based on the Management’s Vision & Mission. The Skills/Competencies can be Technical or behavioral. The training would be a mix of classroom session, online session & Coaching, counselling & mentoring depending on individual Strengths & weaknesses. The LMS will be one stop portal to capture their Training needs & also completion of courses and certifications.

Our Process:

  • Running a diagnostic to identify the vision of the company

  • Based on Vision individual Skill Mapping

  • Creating mix of environment –classroom, online to impart learning to employees

  • Handholding if required in practical environment

  • Keeping a track of learnings delivered

  • Linking LMS to PMS

  • Identifying the gaps & refilling the same through repeat Session.

Our Offerings in LMS:

  • Designing and creating eLearning portal

  • Designing and creating eLearning App

  • Customized courses for eLearning & App Learning with Video & Chat support.


  • Increased efficiency and productivity of employee.

  • Energized & motivated task force.

  • Clarity of learning to be undertaken for the entire year with respect to expected outcome/result.

  • Learners can see their course catalog, complete assigned courses and any evaluations, and measure their own progress.

  • Learners can be assigned training on an individual basis, or according to their job function, and/or role in a company’s organizational structure.

  • Increase knowledge retention

  • Acquire skills and knowledge required for career advancement

  • Improve performance

  • Empowered to embrace self-improvement with necessary and useful tools.

Advancing Human Resource

About us

Human Resource is the backbone of any organization. It helps the company to achieve its objective by infusing positive attitude in the workforce.

At Innovix we facilitate end to end HR Functions:

  • HR Planning (Recruitment, On boarding to Exit, Employee Life cycle)

  • Compensation & Benefits

  • Training & Development

  • Performance Management

  • Employee Engagement

  • Rewards & Recognition

Our Process:

Identifying the purpose through discussions and interviews at various levels starting firm top& accordingly incorporating the aboveProcesses for company’s welfare & upscaling the Business.