Design thinking

Design thinking is a creative process of developing business cases and prototypes for innovative solutions. It can be viewed as a process, a way of thinking and even a project. Whatever be the perspective, the objective of Design Thinking is to take a systematic approach to finding unique solutions to common problems. It helps the organizations to bring together market realities, a deep understanding of customer problems and business aspirations to create new products and services. It also supports organizations to imbibe a culture that encourages innovation.

Duration: 2 days

Professional Charges: 25000/-

A Structured Process: Design thinking is a systematic approach to new development whether products, services or business models. The output of each step becomes the input for the next.

People Oriented: Design thinking process approaches each step by keeping the unmet needs and desires of the end-user or customer in mind.

Predictable: Since Design Thinking is a structured process, it creates a map for the person wherein the stops and the destination are predictable.

Repeatable: Unlike discoveries and inventions that are an outcome of chance and in fact, accident, design thinking results in innovative solutions for problems & Issues and aids aspirations. It is a process that can be repeated at will and promises favorable outcomes.

Design thinking is a practical toolkit for innovation that anyone can learn and apply. Innovating through design thinking represents a structured, human-centered method for creatively solving complex problems that inspire and delight users. In this program, you will learn the core principles and tools of design thinking and how to apply them across your organization to help it innovate and grow.

  • Who Should Attend

    Staff, Reserach & Development, Product Developer, Designer, Enterpreneur, Leadership Team, Strategic Advisors & Consultants

  • Duration

    2 Days

Your Benefits:

  • Develop an empathetic mindset – understanding the problem from the user’s perspective.

  • Improved decisions making skills, problem Solving, Thinking with clarity, Strategic execution.

  • Developing Creative problem solving& agile mindset.

  • Learn to manage expectation of different internal stakeholders and keep everyone in the loop.

  • Workshops Involves not only solving problems in a smarter way, but also smartly choosing which problems to solve.

  • Workshop aims to bring about better interaction between a company and its customers/stakeholders, particularly in an increasingly digital world where all kinds of assumptions are being made about customer aspirations and problems. That calls for improved formats of interpersonal conversation and knowledge extraction during interaction sessions.

  • Through immersion and interaction, workshop places a greater emphasis on conversations and thus yields deeper clues about employee, customer and business partner expectations and aspirations. The use of customer personas also helps bring more holistic insight into the Business Modeling Process.

  • Techniques & Framework of Innovation and Design Thinking can be deployed right at the stages of requirement specification and not just design and rollout. Vendors can, for example, have dialogs with business clients right at the early stages and even help them question their understanding of the problem space and solution path. This will help in better alignment between companies and clients, and lead to new pathways of knowledge co-creation.

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