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Triggered by the inkling of transmuting the Corporate World from being dramatic to very natural world, Sheetal parted with an MNC to be on a mission of making a corporate world a better place to live longer and stronger and founded her Training & Consulting firm “Innovix Trainings & Consulting” in 2013. She is on a journey to transform 100 Startups to Grow up and become leading brands through her breakthrough Coaching, Training, and Consulting in next five years.

Being a founder of a Training & Consulting firm, she believes that success truly comes through continuous learning, self-belief & living for a cause garter than yourself.

Sheetal is certified Coach of NLP - an advance level of certification in Mindset & Behavioral Training. NLP is about learning how to think & communicate effectively with self and others. Sheetal is a seasoned Corporate Trainer & she helps Organizations makes Learning & working easier. She focuses not only on the outward skills & techniques, professionals need, but also on the “inner-game” where values, beliefs & emotions wield their powerful influences.

She has transformed over 10000+ lives & has over 14+ years of experience.

She is an adventurer, vivid traveler and prudent learner brings her live experiences in workplace training, curriculum design, and experiential learning to facilitate Training Programs. As a facilitator, Sheetal has been recognized for creating stimulating and interactive learning environments, encouraging participation and individual creativity. A storyteller by heart, she is highly enthusiastic & a go-getter and is known for her high energy levels and contagious positive attitude.


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