Transforming Lifethrough NLP

NLP is a trending buzzword when it comes to training minds. Ever wondered what NLP is all about and how does it really benefit you?

Well then, this is the best chance to find out. Welcome to the 1-day workshop where I will take you on a wonderful adventure of exploring NLP and rediscovering yourself. In this workshop, I will demonstrate how NLP helps you:

  • Unleash Your Dreams

  • Discover the Purpose of Your Life

  • Tap into Your Hidden Potential

“Your life is not shaped by events, but how you interpret them.”

Level 1: NLP Foundation

Basic course to introduce you to the transformational journey that NLP is.

The NLP Foundation course has been designed to give you a complete clarity on History and Research, Processes & Therapy and its uses and application in our Personal and Professional life.

How will this course help?

With the NLP Foundation Course, you will find

  • Increased self-awareness and self-presence within you andthe wide world of possibilities.

  • Improved ability to set goals and achieve them

  • Development in your communication with peers, colleagues and family

  • Increased creativity in designing your thoughts for better results.

  • Experience radicalshift in your motivation levels and productivity.

Duration: 1 day

Course Fees: Rs 1000/-

  • Introduction & History to NLP

  • Awareness Experience(Develop Conscious Presence)

  • Theory of Mind (Understand functions of Mind)

  • Envisioning Life (Goal Setting)

  • Mental maps (How we experience this world)

  • Communication Model

  • Filters of Thinking & Communication (How & why conflict happens)

  • Motivation Modal from Navy SEALs (how to increase your Motivation)

  • Calibration- VAK (Understanding unconscious nonverbal responses)

  • Coaching Logical Levels of Change (Adapting new behaviors, changing Habits)

  • Introduction to Suggestibility& Hypnosis(Adapting new behaviors, Changing Habits)

Introduction to NLP

So what is this mysterious NLP?

  • NLP = Neuro Linguistic Programming

    Breaking it down further:

         o Neuro relates to the physiological process of gathering information through our five senses – namely touch, sound, sight, smell and taste – and saving it as a memory
         o Linguistic relates to the use of language to express an experience or describe a memory
         o Programming relates to the habitual behavioral patterns developed by the unique combinations of senses and language

  • Fascinating revolutionary science of how the human brain works

  • User Manual of the Brain to help us understand how to train the brain to improve productivity

  • How? By tapping into the conscious and unconscious patterns unique to our brain in a way to achieve our potential to the max.

In short, NLP is a study of our thinking and behavioral patterns that will help us build strategies to succeed in various areas of life and most importantly, learn to LEARN.

  • Decision making

  • Creative thinking

  • Problem solving

  • Confidence building

  • Developing meaningful relationships

  • Starting up businesses

  • Coaching, inspiring and motivating teams and people around you

  • Bringing a sense of balance in life

NLP has also been known to help people conquer their fears and anxieties, overcome low self-esteem, and treat post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Human Resource Professional, Counselor, Coaches, therapist, Trainer, OD Specialist, Entrepreneur, Wantrepreneur, Sales Personnel, Leadership Role, Any Working Professional who wants to upgrade his/her career or develop his communication skills.

NLP Course is divided into four levels, Foundation, Practitioner, Master Practitioner & Training the Trainer each of which leading to Transformational Journey on its own.

Certifications: Analp-Uk, Sue Knight

“Sheetal considers NLP as a success code which has transformed her inner and outer world completely making her more confident, independent and profound person to be with.”

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