Personal Effectiveness

Personal Effectiveness is a movement towards making the best use of available resources like talent, skills, energy & time to master your life both at personal & professional front.

We hold ourselves back from the things we want to do because our own self-limiting beliefs are telling us that we can’t do something or we shouldn’t be doing it. But you can. We just need to change our mind set and become personally effective.

This practical, interactive and valuable two-day workshop will help participants develop the mindset and skillset to improve their personal effectiveness at work.

  • Who Should Attend

    Staff- All dept - Junior,Mid & Senior.

  • Duration

    2 Days

Your Benefits :

  • Know what your personal strengths and areas for development.

  • Be able to identify what is holding you back from what you want to achieve.

  • Know more about your individual working style and that of others and be able to work. with and communicate with other styles more effectively and efficiently.

  • Be able to communicate more effectively and efficiently with others and have the confidence to sell yourself and your ideas.

  • Know how to set clear goals and objectives and build an effective plan to achieve them.

  • Be able to self-motivate yourself when required and deal confidently with set backs.

  • Know how to build a clear personal development plan that drives you to gain new skills and knowledge that you need to succeed.

  • Have a range of techniques to become more efficient such as how to prioritise tasks and manage your time more effectively.

  • Know how to deal with people that you find challenging and who may stop you from being personally effective.

  • Be able to delegate tasks effectively.

  • Know how to use a range of problem solving tools and be able to make decisions efficiently to get things back on track.

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