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Innovation Trainings
Design Thinking

Design Thinking

Ideal For: Any corporate, Senior level/Top management, entrepreneur or technical staff can attend this workshop
Duration: 2 days
Learning Outcome:

  • Aids framework for innovative thinking
  • Improves the art of thinking clearly, innovative thinking
  • Improves the ability of Risk Management
  • Focuses on end user and problem solving
  • Leverage collective expertise & employs empathy
  • Add value to work, organization and personal growth thru structured thought process


Six Thinking Hats

Six Thinking Hats

Six Thinking Hats helps put our opinions and egos aside so we can focus on a way forward, without argument.
Teaches parallel thinking as an alternative to argument. Parallel thinking guides thought processes in one direction at a time so we can effectively analyze issues, generate new ideas, and make better decisions.
Ideal For: Any HR professional, Project Manager, Meeting Facilitator, Team Lead, Trainer
Duration: 1 day
Learning Outcome:

  • New products / new designs
  • A sharpened ability to think clearly, objectively, systematically, and creatively
  • Idea Generation
  • Conflict resolution
  • Radical Innovation
  • Ethical Decision-Making
  • Develop a habit of perceiving events and situations as opportunities
  • Identify the benefits/desired outcomes of pursuing each opportunity
  • Identify the risks/dangers of pursuing each opportunity
  • Design ways to minimize risks and dangers
  • Select opportunities based on weighing the benefits against remaining risks
  • Design plans for pursuing a selected opportunity
  • Assess and reevaluate plans in progress

Faculty Development Program

Entrepreneur Development Program

As the term itself denotes, EDP is a program meant to develop entrepreneurial abilities among the people. In other words, it refers to inculcation, development, and polishing of entrepreneurial skills into a person needed to establish and successfully run his / her enterprise. Thus, the concept of entrepreneurship development program involves equipping a person with the required skills and knowledge needed for starting and running the enterprise.
Ideal For: Budding and aspiring Entrepreneurs
Duration: 1 day
Learning Outcome:

  • Traits of Entrepreneur
  • Survey, Research And Development
  • Innovativeness
  • A Concrete Business Idea followed by Business Plan
  • Skills Development
  • Branddworth
  • Facing the competition
  • Overcoming the failures