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A skill is a behavior or ability youve developed through training or experience. And, while all personal skills are behaviors, not all behaviors are skills. For example, telling a joke is a skill; laughing at a joke is a behavior.
Soft skills, sometimes known as "people skills," are personal attributes that enhance an individual's interactions, job performance and career prospects. Unlike hard skills, which tend to be specific to a certain type of task or activity, soft skills are broadly applicable.

  • Effective Communication and Personality Development Program
  • Highly Impactful Presentation Skills
  • Business Writing Skills
  • Time Management Essentials
  • Wining Proposal thru Business etiquettes
  • Social type & Speed Networking
  • The Art of Selling
  • Leadership thru Strategic Management
  • Stress Management at workplace
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • People Management
  • Image Management
  • Business Image Management
  • Mindset conditioning workshop
  • Critical Thinking and Conflict Resolving
  • The Art of Negotiation
  • The Art of Influencing others
  • Campus to Corporate
  • Goal Setting
  • Team Building
  • Tele-Selling skills
  • Customer Service Skills


Neuro – Refers to the experience gathered by our nervous system through our five senses namely visual, auditory, Kinesthetic, olfactory and gustatory which is processed and coded as memory.
Linguistic – Refers to the use of language (verbal and non-verbal) to gain an understanding of our experience.
Programming – The habitual patterns of behavior, like thought, created by the impact of languages on the brain.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is about learning how to manage our neurological system for optimum results or to put it more simply NLP is about state control. NLP is about learning how to think and communicate more effectively with yourself and others. Take control with our upcoming NLP events.

  • Experience radical paradigm shift in the way you think, act and live your life
  • Create inner flexibility in your thinking and behaviour to overcome any challenges and achieve your desired goals
  • Learn to be in complete control of your internal state to create the life you want for yourself
  • Learn to create excellence in every area of your life
  • Build meaningful relationship with yourself and others
  • Be skilled and learn several powerful tried and tested processes of NLP to create transformational change for others
  • Create instant rapport with everyone around you
  • Develop flexibility in conversation to create exceptional influence
  • Truly align yourself with your outcomes, dreams and purposefully live it
  • Eliminate limiting beliefs and create empowering ones that can propel your life towards your desired direction
  • Discover your true potential by uncovering your internal structure and strategies of ‘How’ you do things
  • Be more observant and learn to listen in a way that creates powerful impact for others
  • Have a powerful inside – out paradigm shift and live much more fun, happy and fulfilled life


An innovative culture and the right set of creativity techniques are crucial in every business. Challenge your thinking process and learn techniques to improve idea generation by following this 2-day innovation and creativity training! These workshops will enhance your team’s customer-focused mindset and skills in developing new product, service, and business concepts as well as finding new markets for your innovative technology.

  • Design Thinking
  • Six Thinking Hats
  • Entrepreneur Development Program


Human Resource Management is the process of recruitment and selecting employee, providing orientation and induction, training and development, assessment of employee (performance of appraisal), providing compensation and benefits, motivating, maintaining proper relations with employees and with trade unions, maintaining employees safety, welfare and health measures in compliance with labour laws of the land.

  • Human Resource Management Program
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Training The Trainer
  • Key Account Management
  • Finance Management
  • Product Management