About Us

Now that you know about our work, here's a little glimpse about our journey!

Innovix Training & Consulting is a leading OD consulting firm, headquartered in Mumbai, founded by Sheetal Jotwani in 2013.


Years of service


Years of service

With over 100 organizations worldwide as our clients, we have delivered bespoke OD consulting, training, coaching solutions, and digital learning experiences to more than 100,000 individuals.

In the past 10 years, we have expanded our reach to over 15+ countries across the globe. With our innovative and distinctive strategic offering, we have become a dependable and trusted partner for both multinational corporations and start-ups.

Our innovative and results-oriented solutions have helped organizations adapt, evolve, and excel. By putting an emphasis on organizational development, we lay the groundwork for long-term success and sustainable growth, which will motivate and foster your creativity and ability to think outside the box. Our cooperation is based on ongoing innovation, which enables us to offer the best services and products that make learning and transformation simple and pleasant.

Our expertise shines through during pivotal moments such as mergers, acquisitions, and product line expansions, ensuring seamless integration and growth.

Unlocking boundless potential: Building a nurturing environment where the workplace thrives and performance soars!


Our mission is to provide customized services tailored to the unique needs of organizations across various sectors, including manufacturing, IT, crop science, and retail. 


Innovix’s vision is to be the most trusted brand and a consulting organization on a global level for providing innovative and result-oriented solutions.


Our impact is rooted in our dedication to upholding core values such as integrity, creatively held fun and learning engagement,  accountability, belongingness, and empathy.

Meet Sheetal Jotwani

Sheetal Jotwani, the driving force behind Innovix Training & Consulting, is a fervent trainer and coach with an impressive 20-year-long career in the fields of OD consulting, training, and coaching.

As an internationally accredited NLP trainer, design thinker, facilitator, and Leaf - Facilitator and hypnotherapist, Sheetal has successfully led numerous OD consulting projects across industries such as manufacturing, retail, IT, and crop science. She has also facilitated training workshops and coaching sessions for senior executives, leaders, and entrepreneurs. As a facilitator, Sheetal has been recognized for creating stimulating and interactive learning environments, encouraging participation and individual creativity. A storyteller by heart, she is highly enthusiastic & a go-getter.

She is also an adventurer, vivid traveler and prudent learner known for her high energy levels and contagious positive attitude.

Our Story & Achievements

2014- 2015

Got internationally certified as an NLP Practitioner.

Secured my first assignment with an esteemed IT Firm, delivering impactful Soft Skill Training followed by various other soft skill and behavioral workshops.

2015- 2016

Earned an OD Consulting Project for a well-reputed Manufacturing Firm.

Expanded my skill set through comprehensive training such as NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapy, Leaf-Facilitation Program and Design Thinking.


Facilitated a year long Executive Coaching Project for future group leaders, empowering and aligning them with their next level of succession.

Conducted advanced behavioral workshops for various corporate clients.


Expanded my horizon Internationally having conducted OD Project for a Management Consulting firm in Dubai.

Facilitated numerous Behavioral workshops for Corporates from Retail, IT, Manufacturing, Pharma and Consulting firms.


Was recognized as the Best International Coach by AIMS, Dubai, for delivering exceptional results.

Successfully conducted three prestigious OD Consulting Projects for Manufacturing Firms.

Kick-started NLP workshops on a global level.

2020- 2021

Led a OD Consulting Project on “360-degree Feedback Process” for a corporate client.

Organized Business Coaching for 100 + entrepreneurs in various domains.


Currently delivering Organizational Development Consulting Project at a global Level for an MNC in Corp science and Pharma.

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