Feminine VS Masculine Organisation. Safer Bet?

June 9, 2023 

As the world evolves, we have now come across these new terms that are masculine and feminine organisations. So how did this come into existence? And what does this mean? Let me shed some clarity on this!

According to cultural and organisational theories, “feminine” and “masculine” organisations refer to various ways of approaching work and organisational culture. These phrases are designed to describe specific traits frequently connected to each method rather than to categorise or perpetuate gender stereotypes. It’s crucial to understand that people of any gender can exhibit both attributes, and that organisations can have a combination of both.

I have observed that talking about characteristics of organisations helps differentiate better. So let’s dig in! Shall we?

Let me tell you a list of characteristics, you tell me which one you think it is. Alright? I am excited! 

1. Collaboration and Cooperation: 

Collaboration, teamwork, and consensus-building are typically valued in feminine organisations. Making decisions is frequently inclusive and interactive, with an emphasis on fostering positive workplace relationships.

2. Emotional Intelligence: 

These groups place a high value on understanding, empathy, and emotional health. Addressing employees’ emotional needs is important since doing so can boost their job happiness and engagement. 

3. Work-Life Harmony: 

Work-life balance and employee wellbeing are often prioritised in feminine organisations. Flexible work schedules, assistance with caregiving duties, and consideration for individual needs are frequently seen favourably.

4. Holistic Approach: 

These organisations are aware of and value the variety of abilities and viewpoints that people bring to the table. They place a high priority on success as seen holistically, taking into account not only the bottom line but also the personal development and happiness of workers.

I am sure most of you must have guessed it right!

Now let’s understand what goes into being a masculine organisation!

Hierarchical Structure: A more hierarchical structure, with a distinct chain of command and centralised decision-making, is typical of masculine organisations. The highest layers of the organisation hold the most authority and power.

Competition and Achievement Orientation: These organisations place a strong emphasis on individual success, rivalry, and performance with a clear objective. Setting and achieving goals are frequently emphasised, and prizes and recognition are connected to individual successes. 

Assertiveness and Decisiveness: In decision-making, aggressiveness and decisiveness are highly valued in masculine organisations. Action that is swift and decisive is promoted; consensus-building and group decision-making may not receive as much attention.

Results-Oriented: These organisations frequently place a high priority on measurable outcomes. The importance of productivity and efficiency is highlighted by a focus on achieving goals and financial success.

Over the many years of working with different organisations and meeting several people, here’s what I have learned.

Collaboration and Innovation: Feminine organisational traits like cooperation and collaboration can boost innovation and creativity. These organisations may provide more innovative solutions and be better able to adapt to shifting market situations by fostering varied perspectives and inclusive decision-making procedures.

Efficiency and Goal Attainment: Masculine organisational traits, like a concentration on success and competition, can promote efficiency and goal attainment. To fulfill deadlines and get results, use clear objectives, forceful action, and personal responsibility. 

The potential of an organisation may be hampered by tight adherence to gendered stereotypes or a sole focus on either feminine or masculine attributes. The productivity and well-being of all employees, regardless of gender or other identities, are more likely to be supported in an organisation’s culture that values diversity, inclusivity, and flexibility.

It’s the dream of every HR, LnD, Ceo and leader of any organisation to build a thriving, high-performing, and enriching workplace. So, what’s holding you back from approaching us and accessing the support required to turn your dream into a reality? 

At the end, I would just like to quote David Alejandro Fearnhead who said, “Life is not a competition between men and women. It is a collaboration.” PERIOD! Together, we can empower your organisation to reach new heights and unlock its true potential.

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